• November 17th, 2016
  • House of Innovation, Duboisstraat 50, 2060 Antwerpen
  • From 12.00 PM

How and why to design
the health experience
of tomorrow

The healthcare industry is seeing some tremendous advances through cutting-edge technologies and innovations. However, it’s also struggling with a more profound need for patients and providers; the human experience.

Inspired by design labs and collaborations among the ‘healthcare’ designers of the world, we want to put our own disciplines of empathy and prototyping — along with healthcare ‘natives’ — into action.

On Thursday the 17th of November, we welcome international experts who work on the front lines of design and health, to inspire you and show you how we can reimagine healthcare together.

It’s a free event, with limited seats.
So please reserve yours.




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Amy Cueva

United States

Co-founder of Mad Pow

Design for Change: Empathy and Purpose

Empathy elevates our consciousness, inspires our purpose, and helps us imagine the possibilities. This talk will explore how empathy inspired and purpose driven design can help us find our direction as individuals, fuel business innovation, and even guide us to make a positive impact at the societal level.

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Hamish Dibley

United Kingdom

Vanguard Consulting

Understanding patient demand: A better way to make healthcare systems work

This talk explores a new and refreshing approach to the analysis, design and management of healthcare services using the Vanguard Method. Hamish outlines this alternative approach to realising better healthcare services at less cost. It begins with looking at healthcare not from a conventional activity perspective but from a person-centred one.

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Mark A. M. Kramer


Nomadic researcher & lecturer at Mamk

Technology Experience within Healthcare: The Evolution of HUX

This keynote presentation will describe and share evidence on how technology has evolved and influenced the healthcare experience. Emphasis will be placed on the “Technology Experience” of patients and healthcare providers (medical doctors, nurses, technicians) Furthermore, this keynote will share personal observations of how technology experience within medicine and healthcare is evolving from a patient perspective.

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Ed Matthews

United Kingdom

Senior Research Fellow (lead) at the Healthcare Research Lab of the Royal College of Art

Using Inclusive Design principles to create an intuitive, user-friendly and desirable UX

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is one of the pioneers of Inclusive Design. Ed will describe the principles and methodologies that have been developed, initially for creating better products, processes, systems and services. He will then show examples of their highly successful application in digital healthcare interventions that tackle problems in mental health, hospital ward logistics, and the psychological impact on patients in Intensive Care environments.

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